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Sorry: more grammatical fun

17-04-2005, 18:04
Me again. I don't know how hard this will be to correct, but I noticed that there is a slight error in the description of a nation. It says 'There is no government in the normal sense the word'. That is, it should, presumably, say 'of the word'. Is there any way of fixing this? Sorry to be a pain again, but I figure I might as well point these things out before somebody else spots it.
18-04-2005, 00:19
You're gonna drive Sal up the wall with that. :D He'll probably fix it as soon as he sees this.
18-04-2005, 00:54
The patch has been written and I'll fix it next time that I can do so without pulling down the game.
18-04-2005, 00:57
Thank you very much. Sorry to be a nuisance, but it's best to get things right when possible, oder? So thanks.