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Godly Faith
13-04-2005, 20:03
I had previously joined this site with a different nation, and I know it was three numbers long, but I can't remember the name of the nation. Can a mod help me out please? :confused:
13-04-2005, 20:12
The world contains 133,802 nations in 16,060 regions.
Hot damn, we've broken the magic 1,000,000 barrier!
Exactly what are we supposed to do with the information you provided, given this user base? Was you nationname 123 or OneTwoThree or UnoDosTres? Some useful type information would be helpful.

Even if you find the nation, do you remember the password? If you don't, just let this die. It's up to you to keep track of your puppers and passwords - we won't supply them to you.
13-04-2005, 20:23
Over 1,200,000 nations served!

Juuuust a small correction to the semi-official numbers.

- Nitpicking every possible time.