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Is this a problem?

08-04-2005, 22:01
I'm not sure if this is a problem or not.

The other day I logged into my nation Mauvasia, and it gave me the following reading:

Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Good
Political Freedoms: Very Good
UN Index: Inoffensive Centrist Democracy

At the same time, under virtually identical conditions this nation (Czardas) had:

Civil Rights: Excellent
Economy: Reasonable
Political Freedoms: Very Good
UN Index: Scandinavian Liberal Paradise

According to the nation classification scheme, Mauvasia ought to be a Left-Leaning College State, which if you take the economy down becomes a Scandinavian Liberal Paradise. Why, therefore, was it so different?
08-04-2005, 23:02
A nation's rankings in Civil Rights/Economy/Political Freedoms are general words which are rather imprecise. The nation's UN category is actually determined by statistics which are affected by the nation's decisions on issues. Try looking at your xml stats for a more precise idea of where you are -- although even they are rather confusing.

It's possible to find psychotic dictatorships with "Frightening" economies and anarchies with economies ranked only "Strong." I've seen one nation with a Civil Rights:Very Good/Economy:Powerhouse/Political Freedom:World Benchmark flip back and forth between Corporate Bordello and New York Times Democracy without the word rankings ever changing.