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I can't change to a new custom flag

Pine Ocean
08-04-2005, 12:52
Hello all and sorry if i should know this already but,

I quickly threw together some silly custom flag when I first started playing yesterday and now I want to change it to one I like more, but when I upload the new one I just get to look at the old custom flag again, even if I have changed it to a completely different flag in the meantime :confused: (and yes I refreshed several times). Has anyone else come accross this problem?

President Ruben Rickard
Leader of the Republic of Pine Ocean
08-04-2005, 14:42
Either your flag is bigger than the maximum allowed (10kb I seem to recall) or you just need to wait a little while.

If your flag's bigger than 10kb then go into whatever program you designed it on and either crop it or shrink it (you'll lose some of the detail).
If not, I seem to recall that when I first created a custom flag it didn't come up immediately. Just be patient, and hopefully it'll work!
08-04-2005, 15:19
Taken from: The New Tech (and Mod) Forum FAQ (
My flag isn't updating after I upload a new one.

This is a problem with caching. The pages/flag/whatever is updating fine, but your browser is using an older version of the page when it is displayed. Caching is something your browser does to save bandwidth (especially for 56k users, who need all the bandwith they can get) by not re-downloading the same files every time it visits a page. Users with slower connections can use ctrl+f5 (force full refresh) to re-download the page just this once while keeping caching enabled if they want.
08-04-2005, 20:32
I've had this probelm often too... the best thing to do is as stated by the poster above me. But for the less technically inclined, change to the flag called "default" for a day, then load yours... that should fix it.
The Most Glorious Hack
09-04-2005, 12:57
But for the less technically inclined, change to the flag called "default" for a day, then load yours... that should fix it.

How "technically inclined" do you need to be to press CTRL-F5?
Crazy girl
09-04-2005, 13:00
hey, that's hard, ya know :p
Pine Ocean
10-04-2005, 03:03
Just like to say thank you for all the advice and it turned out that all it took was time. :)
10-04-2005, 15:29
Try saving it as a GIF instead of a JPEG or BMP. You'll loose some of the colour, but GIF's have a smaller file size then JPEGs or BMPs