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Multiple regions.

The Plutonian Empire
05-04-2005, 14:07
Just today, I started two new regions, both with my main nation. But there is a problem. In the regions that my main nation isn't in, somehow, the "UN Delegate can access Regional Control" thing is turned on and then locked on (meaning I can try to uncheck the checkbox, but it'll stay checked). is that normal?
05-04-2005, 14:11
It's a safeguard. When a founder leaves a region, the UN delegate is given access.
The Plutonian Empire
05-04-2005, 14:12
You mean in case the founder dies off?
Honesty X
05-04-2005, 14:12
Yes that is normal, but if you feel that unsafe about it just password the region. It's not like they can boot you, your not there. And if they change the WFE then you can just boot them, it's your region.
06-04-2005, 00:52
You mean in case the founder dies off?
When the founder dies, delegate can access regional control. It is turned on automatically.

When the founder is not in teh region, the founder cannot barr access to regional control when he is not in the region. It will be turned back on again.

This probably there to make sure that if teh founder forgets about the region that it can still be controled.