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I'm not receiving the e-mail confirmation letter for my nation

-The URAP-
01-04-2005, 06:31
02-04-2005, 05:35
I can't take care of your problem, but can warn you not to join the UN with "White Socialist" and "-THE URAP-" simultaneously.
02-04-2005, 20:16
I most certianly would never do anything like that. I'm well aware of the game rules. One UN nation only. I do have one question though. When your nation receive's the tg welcoming you into the UN, it states that you should receive an e-mail in a few hours to join the UN. What if, you do not receive the e-mail?
02-04-2005, 21:22
Then either ypour e-mail system has a problem or spam filter i on and it is recognizing NS as spam.
02-04-2005, 23:38
Can an administrator please look into this? My spam filters are off. I'm not having a problem with my e-mail system. I received an e-mail confirmation in reference to my e-mail address. It's obvious that I have verified my e-mail address, other wise I wouldn't be able to post on the forum. It has been well over 24 hours since I applied to join the UN.
Here is the tg my nation received:

United Nations
Received: unknown
The United Nations is pleased to invite The Empire of AryanSocialist into our hallowed halls. An e-mail will be issued within the next few hours to the address you supplied: to confirm your acceptance of this great honor, simply follow the link it contains.

Note: occasionally an ISP thinks the UN e-mail is spam and blocks it. If you don't receive your e-mail within the next 24 hours, try changing your e-mail address to a different account (if possible) and re-applying.