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different types of freedom

Reckless Ambition
30-03-2005, 17:12
how does the game distinguish between "political freedom" and "personal freedom"?

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30-03-2005, 19:39
Just a player's opinion. But I think that a personal freedom is something like being allowed to smoke, go nude, etc. and a political freedom is being allowed to vote, protest, and otherwise take a role in deciding what the government does.
Reckless Ambition
04-04-2005, 20:51
what about something like the nudity issue, where one of the options is compulsory nudity, would this decrease both types of freedoms? Or compulsory voting, would that decrease personal freedom, but increase political?

There are a lot of issues that just seem really complicated to me(their impacts on freedom categories), and I am trying to maintain a capitalist paradise(max economic freedom, max political freedom, min personal freedom), and soon hope to create a tyranny by majority
Lawful Peoples
05-04-2005, 01:47
Also, many of the consequences to your laws are opinion based.

For example: I gave my citizens the right to carry concealed weapons - crime went up. But a study of American towns and counties that have similar laws show a dramatically reduced crime rate - people don't commit crimes when the chances of getting shot are that high.

The moderator's bias entered the game - anyone who thinks they could be non-biased is just lying to themselves.

05-04-2005, 06:22
yeah, I agree. My economy suffered when I abolished minimum wage laws, for example. There are some who would agree, but also some who disagree(myself included). From what I have seen, this game tends to be slanted pro-liberal/authoritarian(you can have a %100 income tax rate and still have a decent economy!). Of course, it complies with the premise behind jennifer government in doing so(that too much capitalism is a bad thing). (disclaimer: I read the book, thought it was a good read, but disagreed with the political implications. I think we should privatize more stuff).

of course, it would seem that the categories of freedom(political/personal) wouldnt be such an opinionated decision.
05-04-2005, 06:22
decepti0n=reckless ambition, btw. Sorry.
05-04-2005, 17:40
The nudity issue should pertain to personal freedoms and the voting issue to political freedoms. Compulsory voting is a decrease in political freedom just like forbidding voting would be ... you see, you're taking away their freedom to choose.

For the gun carrying issue, it might not increase crime if your nation was generally law abiding with lots of freedoms, a good economy, and high income equality. But if you have a lot of crime already, you're making some crimes easier, if you have few freedoms then people might use their guns illegally to obtain something illegally (like a Harry Potter book), If you have a bad economy or a large rich-poor divide then more people will be tempted to get ahead from the other end of a gun barrel.

Everything is related.