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An Idea: Alliances

New Jyria
30-03-2005, 08:09
I know this would most likely be a major code change, and probably darn near impossible, but I've been thinking about something lately. Countries want to form alliances. Probably the easiest and most common way to do this is to make a region with the name of the alliance. But what if you're in a good region and you don't want to leave? Or what if you're in more than one alliance? Well, what if a system was made that allowed for people to create and join alliances, much like they would regions, and listing a nation's alliances on their info page? Then each alliance could link to a page listing the members. Maybe not even allow for an alliance forum (like the regional forum) since they could tg one another to their hearts' content. I know there would be several reasons why this would simply not work, but this is just an idea I had and felt like saying it.

The Good:
There would be an official alliance system.

The Bad:
A lot more precious server space would be used.
It probably would not get used as often as I'd like to think it would.

The Ugly:
And there's the code to consider.

It might be a good thing to have in Nation States 2, since we'd be paying for it, and thus allow for more space and anything else that might be needed for it.
Liverpool England
30-03-2005, 09:50
Normal response would be along the lines of "suggested before, not gonna happen, perhaps in NS2"...