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Some interesting Teleram problems

29-03-2005, 06:09
I only noticed it today (It might have been happenning for a while to my ignorance) but it seems that many telegrams being sent by/to me haven't been received. It's only a minor nuissance and isn't happening to all my TG's, but I have been getting people saying to me "But I TG'd that to you an hour ago" and I myself have been saying "I told you yes back then".

I was just wondering if it was a one time server glitch or a more far reaching problem.
29-03-2005, 06:11
This is the first report that we've gotten of this sort. Very odd.
29-03-2005, 14:03
Any chance that the telegrams not getting through are from people on your blocked telegrams list?
29-03-2005, 18:29
Any possibility your telegram inbox is full or they have a slow connection and didn't wait long enough to actually send the telegram when they pressed submit?
29-03-2005, 18:47
I've noticed Issues and telegrams "sticking" before, and cleared it by refreshing my browser cache (<Ctrl> F5 on most Windows browsers). It might not be on our end at all.
29-03-2005, 22:29
imported_YourWorstEnemy: Nope, I don't have anybody on my ignore list and I've received other telegrams from the people whose didn't make it to me.

Nanakaland: I've only got three TG's in my TG box, so I know it's not full, and some of the TG's that didn't make it were sent from me to other people (And I'm on a high speed and always make sure to not close the window beforeit says that the TG was sent)

Frisbeeteria: I've done that, too, and they missing TG's haven't appeared
30-03-2005, 09:31
[...] or they have a slow connection and didn't wait long enough to actually send the telegram when they pressed submit?

30-03-2005, 11:10
So, I didn't send a telegram properly because they're on a slow connection? That'd be like my neighbor not mailing me something properly because the guy who sends my mail is an idiot.
30-03-2005, 19:53
If they have a slow connection and sending the telegram to you that's the problem on their end. As for you to them, perhaps they didn't do the cache and other suggestions that you've tried. You're discussing two different problems here: on their end and on your end.