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telegram bounces back

28-03-2005, 17:28

I have got a little problem. Every time I write a telegram to a memberstate of my region (The Free States of Tabago) this error appears:

Your telegram bounces back! The Confederacy of Bluesien is refusing to accept telegrams wired from Vanazu.

Can you help me please?

Yours Sincerely
The Leader of Vanazu
Chancellor of The Free States of Tabago
UN-Delegate of The Free States of Tabago
The Mindset
28-03-2005, 17:34
That nation has you on their Telegram ignore list.
29-03-2005, 00:25
For whatever reason, that nation has decided to ignore your telegrams. As long as you are on that list, you won't be able to send them any messages.

It's the nation's decision, and there's really nothing the mods can do about it, but if you really don't know what you did to make them ignore you, try asking one of your other region mates to ask them for you. Who knows, it could have been a mistake.
29-03-2005, 04:14
Yes. They're ignoring telegrams from you. Being the delegate and founder, you could get them to unignore you or you could boot them from the region. Though only use force as a last resort. Try asking politely first.