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An odd question about delagates and voting

United Bubble Gum
28-03-2005, 07:15
I know this might be very situational, but let's say during the process of a UN Resolution vote, that Region A's current delagate votes, then Region A's delagate changes, and he votes. Since there was a change and the new person voted, does the first delagate that voted lose all his votes he got from being delagate and having additional endorsements, or is the number of votes locked in when he votes? This question has been bugging me for days.
Tuesday Heights
28-03-2005, 07:36
Only the current Delegate gets to cast a vote with the backing of the endorsements received in their given region.

Therefore, if a Delegate change occurs during a UN resolution, Delegate A (ousted) will have the additional endorsements votes withdrawn while maintaining their personal choice of yay and nay. Thus, Delegate B (new) will have the additional endorsement vote added to their personal choice of yay or nay.

Essentially, it's the same process that would occur if an individual, non-UN Delegate UN member, would switch UN puppets from one to another. There original vote would be deleted from the count and their new puppet's vote, when cast, would be added to the overall tally.