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Tax Issues

Shrin Kali
27-03-2005, 13:36
Issues dealing directly with how taxes are spent become illogical if a nation has no tax.

This wouldn't stop issues for calling on taxes, or stop them from requesting increased funding. It would only stop ones that directly and solely concern tax expenditures. There is at least one of these, in the original issue set. It seems likely there are more or could be more, so coding recognition of taxes as a variable an issue could use seems like it might be important.

Forgive me if such coding is already present, if it is, then there is one issue that needs looked at. That would be Issue #24: "Budget Time: Accountants Excited". In spite of having no taxes at the time, I got this issue and increased educational spending. Interestingly enough, this didn't affect how much tax was being drawn as it would've been expected to do.
Evil Woody Thoughts
27-03-2005, 13:43
The tax rate that you see in the national description only applies to income tax. In the real world, income tax is seldom the sole source of income for the government--it's that way in NS too. Think of sales taxes, excise taxes, property taxes, etc. and you'll see how your government can derive a small income even without an income tax. If you look up a no-income tax nation on teh Thirdgeek economic calculator (, you'll see these 'alternate' income sources at work--such income even gets added to tax revenue in nations that do have an income tax.
27-03-2005, 15:28
In addendum to EWT's post, the Thirdgeek Calc won't work if you're in a really big region, because it also factors info from your region-mates.

The Sunset Calc ( won't give quite the same results, but will work no matter how big your region is.