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Problem with logging onto fourms.

Lessir Tsurani
25-03-2005, 11:14
Ok, I have a problem. I have my main nation, Lessir Tsurani, and its puppet, Naggeroth, now, my sister also has two nations, Valshare and Sinrefa. Now, recently their have been no problems with the Forums. When I go to the forums, it has the redirecting fine, but then I am still logged in as the nation I just had been logged in as. For Example, My sister went on this afternoon, as Valshare, now, When she got off I got on, went to the Nationstates page, logged on As Tsurani, but then when I went to the Forums it was still logged in as Valshare. I tried again, and once again the same result. Puzzled, I logged in as my sisters puppet, still the same problem. Now, this may not seem so bad, but the major problem was I managed to log on as Tsurani Finally, then When I finished posting what I needed to post, the post was made in the name of Sinrefa, which I had tried to log in AFTER Tsurani. :confused: Suggestions?
Unfree People
25-03-2005, 13:13
Clear your browser's cookies, first. Then, instead of clicking the forums link from your nation's page, bookmark and just access that directly without going through

Log in in the box at the upper right. Log out whenever you're done posting. That should keep all your accounts straight...