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How does the 'endorsement' thing work?

The Maze
16-03-2005, 16:27
Greeting, fellow World Leaders.

I represent The Theocracy of the Maze, a UN member, and I would like to know how can I endorse other nations? What are endorsements, and what are they useful for?

16-03-2005, 16:38
If you are in the same region and both of you are in the UN, then you can endorse them and they can endorse you. The UN member with the most endorsements is atomaticly the UN delegate. the delegate gets to have much more power when they vote on resolutions (they get 1 vote for every endorsement plus 1 of your own vote) This makes delegates of big regions very powerful. (see Pacific) But if you are not delegate endorsements mean nothing, exept to vote you into delegate. yeah thats really it, I thought I would give you the complete virsion cause im new too.
Crazy girl
16-03-2005, 16:39
you can only endorse a nation that is also a UN member, and which is in the same region as you are.

endorsements are for:

UN delegate: the nation with the most endorsements in the region at the daily update becomes the delegate of the region.

UN proposals: with 2 endorsements you can submit proposals for the UN. see for more info on this the United Nations forum under this forum ;)
16-03-2005, 17:46
Two, huh?

I thought it was five or something.
Crazy girl
16-03-2005, 17:55
nope, 2:


Proposals are suggestions for resolutions. Any UN member nation with at least two endorsements may make a proposal, which, if it gains the necessary support, will become a resolution.