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Where can I find the questions (Issues)?

12-03-2005, 23:26
Is there a way to find the questions or issues I've already voted on? I've forgotten, for example, most of the initial questions that gave me my initial profile. And one or two others since. Are they archived somewhere?
12-03-2005, 23:33
12-03-2005, 23:53
For the initial questions, you can create another nation and stop at the question part to get them.

As to issues, the only thing you can do is copy them down in a text file on your computer. The issues themselves are recorded in the Issues forum, but you have to keep track of your responses.
13-03-2005, 01:55
It is probable that you will come across them again.
13-03-2005, 04:17
It is probable that you will come across them again.
You WILL come across them again.
13-03-2005, 06:25
You WILL come across them again.

Not always. For example, if you had received an issue banning elections, you will no longer receive issues that have to do with the subject, but you are now eligible for an issue that will ask you if you'd like to bring elections back. There are certain answers that will make others unavailable, and if you decide to keep answering the issues in the same way as you have before, there are some issues that you will never get again.

One thing I've had with my nation is that my tax rate is 100%. I will no longer receive any issues that deal with raising my taxes, because all money will go to my government anyways.
13-03-2005, 07:30
In regards to the tax issue, I think you can always get issues that will raise your taxes. It's been said that taxes go above 100%. So that can always change.

But basically there are conditions to get an issue. Either your country meets those criteria and is eligible for the issue, or you don't and it's not a possibility until you change something.