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Applying to the UN...

The Philosophes
12-03-2005, 04:39
I realize there is an almost identical post on this thread somewhere, but:

It has been a week since I applied to the UN. I have NOT recieved my verification e-mail. Sure, I got a telegram, but I still need the e-mail. Further, if I try to reapply, I am told that my request is already on file. So why haven't I gotten my verification e-mail?!

This is NOT spam folder related. My spam folder WAS siphoning away my forum verification e-mails, but I retrieved them (since, obviously, I can post here). I've checked the spam folder regularly over the past few days, too, in the hopes that the site would send me my e-mail. No such luck.

I've considered erasing my e-mail from my settings and then re-entering it; inputting another e-mail, then changing that back; asking someone (preferably a mod, of course) to send be the verification as a personal e-mail (this is least desirable, because it would give me the mod's e-mail address, which is rude of me to ask for and, hopefully, unnecessary); or starting a new nation.

If anyone knows how I can rectify the problem, or anyone who can help, I'd be much obliged.

12-03-2005, 05:55
some email places/filters will delete spam even before it goes to your spam inbox. I suggest using a different email address, I used Yahoo for mine, but it still went to the junk folder. I also believe that you have to turn off automatic spam deletion if you do end up using a yahoo addres.. so try a different email address somewhere.
12-03-2005, 19:30
Mine is having the same problem. The forum e-mails (2 of them) came, not even in the spam folder, but the UN ones never show up. Why would an ISP delete/block only some e-mails from a domain?? Do the UN messages come from a different domain than the forum ones?