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I made a mistake.

11-03-2005, 20:28
I created my country, Oldeland, about a week ago. Shortly after I received a telegram inviting me to leave the South Pacific and move to another region. When I went to investigate, I accidentally agreed to move. I'm not ready to do that. But when I went to move back to South Pacific I discovered it's password protected. I have no idea what the password is. Can someone help, please?
Demonic Gophers
11-03-2005, 20:37
Were you trying to get into "South Pacific" or "The South Pacific"? The latter doesn't seem to have a password.

The best way to get the password to a region is usually to ask the delegate or founder by telegram.
11-03-2005, 20:41

Most likely, you're searched for "South Pacific" as opposed to "The South Pacific"

Since you're new, I'm assuming you have not moved before this happened, so youd be trying to return to "The South Pacific", the region you started in

Give that a shot and see if it works?
UN Peacekeepers
11-03-2005, 23:24
This should be moved to Gameplay...
11-03-2005, 23:41
This should be moved to Gameplay...
Toss-up. Moved to Tech.
12-03-2005, 17:04
Thank you for your help. I hadn't realised there were two SPs, distinguished by only the article "the".