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can't find how to make own region

09-03-2005, 20:36
sorry if this isn't meant to go here, I couldn't find another board for it, so...

anyway, how do i make a region? I have applied to join the UN, but i don't know if that is the way to create a region. Please help :)
09-03-2005, 21:21
First, go to your current region's site. Right above "Today's United Nations Report" will be two sentences saying, "Tired of life in <your current region>? Then move to a new region!" Click on the link that says "move to a new region", and the screen that follows will give you one of two options: the top option, which is create a new region, or the bottom option, which is move to an existing region. Click on the link that says "create a new region", and you're ready to go.