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My population's not growing!

02-03-2005, 20:09
I noticed this a week or so ago, but it wasn't confirmed until more recently.

My nation, Makaar, currently has a population of 538 million. I have a puppet nation which I created several days after Makaar, which now has a population of 550 million. After watching it go, I realised that Makaar's population was not growing.

Can someone please correct this, and, if possible, replace my lost population?
02-03-2005, 20:14
I suggest that you move out of your region, then move back in, and waiting for an update which takes place twice a day. This usually takes care of things. I don't think that the population lost can be replaced though.
02-03-2005, 20:19
lastupdate Wed Mar 2 19:00:10 2005

The difference is probably due to the fact that daily population increases vary by a few million. I think that a difference of 22 million can be attributed to this.
02-03-2005, 21:06
OK, thanks a lot!