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I want more issues!

24-02-2005, 23:40
2 a day is not enough for me. I am quickly getting bored with this game, and it has only been a day. I think we should have many many more issues to deal with a day like normal governments do.

It's either that or... :sniper:
The Most Glorious Hack
25-02-2005, 06:20
And in a few months you'll barely even notice the issues because they're boring and you've seen them all.

Simply answering issues is pretty boring, yes. That's why most people tend to get involved in something else, be it regional gaming, invading/defending, role-playing, chatting in General, participating in the UN, etc.
25-02-2005, 08:32
*ponders how boring she is spending over a year answering only the issues....*