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how do i vote to approve a proposal?

Excellent Land
24-02-2005, 22:55
i'm sorry, i'm new here, but i just can't seem to give my approval to a proposal. maybe i'm doing something exceedlingly incorrectly. stranger things have happened.

i'm confused.

please help.
Evil Woody Thoughts
24-02-2005, 23:03
You cannot approve proposals because you do not hold the position of UN Delegate. To become a delegate, you need at least one UN endorsement, and the most endorsemeents in your region. You will have to solicit endorsements from other UN member nations in your region.

Alternatively, you could found a new region, and persuade a friend to move there, join the UN, and endorse you, giving you one endorsement to everyone else's zero.

It took about a week for my campaign for Delegate to be successful. :D

Do not use the creation of puppet nations as a way of increasing your endorsements. Having more than one UN nation is cheating and will make you subject to expulsion from the UN, maybe worse.

Disclaimer: As concerns the last part, I'm not a mod.
25-02-2005, 16:24
Also, do not make duplicate threads. You already asked this question in another thread. You don't need a second.

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