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Choosing a position

Excellent Land
23-02-2005, 22:48
Hey, I was just wondering, if I dither about choosing a position with any given issue, does it affect the amount of time it will take to process my choice?

Wait, what I mean is: I made one choice, then, about ten hours later, I went back and changed my choice - will it now wait the 12 hours (or whatever it is) before it processes that choice, or is the clock ticking down the whole time?

I want a new issue and it's taking aaaaaages... I think I stuffed it by changing my choice. Bugger.
23-02-2005, 23:33
It comes into effect at the next minor update.
Minor updates happen twice a day.
24-02-2005, 00:44
The "morning" update always happens between 3 and 5 am (CST), which puts them close to noon and midnight GMT. (for both updates)
Here ya go.