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Frolicking freely in the nation's forests...

23-02-2005, 18:01
Am I the only one erked by this hardcoded sentence on new nations and their national animal? Surely, this can be changed?

I propose the following: similar to how a nation is setup as a Colony, Republic or whatnot, allow the national animal's habitat to be chosen from a pulldown menu. Such habitats may include forests, shores, rivers, urban settings (for those lovable trashcan tourists), the skies and seas, just to name a few. This would also allow for a diversity to the how's and why's to the national animal's thriving or extinction (rather than deforestation, heavy urbanisation would lead to excessive roadkill, or spills for rivers and/or seas), and may allow for perhaps some new issues to be released as well.

...Hoboy, two days and already comin' with suggestions, I suck :D
23-02-2005, 18:12
What, you have a problem with sharks frolicking freely in nation's forests? ;)

It all comes down to having to do a lot of re-coding, which the admins really don't have much time for, so don't expect it to happen. Just learn to accept it as one of the many quirks to the game.

Oh, and welcome to NationStates.
Grand Teton
23-02-2005, 22:26
It may be in that eternal pie in the sky that is Nationstates2. But then so will everything
24-02-2005, 16:13
The mods have had similar suggestions over the years. Like, "Can I add the name of my national leader/official language/tree/anthem/yada yada so forth and so on?" They've all been refused, on the grounds that the coding would be very annoying, and that people already abuse what fields they do get. (Flag, motto, animal, currency, title, name)