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UN Rankings Suggestion

22-02-2005, 22:37
I think that, in addition to having the top ten nations be listed in the rankings, there should also be the very last nation. This would be interesting because, with rankings like the stupidest citizens ranking, we could see who had the smartest citizens.
Tuesday Heights
22-02-2005, 23:34
Can't you just click to the last page of the rankings to see for yourself or are NSers really that lazy? ;)
The Mighty Pump
22-02-2005, 23:37
We're lazy. It would make things easier.
Tuesday Heights
22-02-2005, 23:42
We're lazy. It would make things easier.

Well, based on that premise, I doubt it's going to happen. :p
23-02-2005, 00:26
there is a "Smartest Citizens" ranking as well, but seeing as they are random, and how not all of the rankings have polar opposites, it would be nice to have. Give nations something to push them towards the top... or back down, depending.