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United Cultures
21-02-2005, 14:59
I'm trying to see if will allow me to post as 2 of my accounts. Testing...Testing...Testing 1...2...3...
Green Sun
21-02-2005, 15:00
Testing...Testing...Testing 1...2...3...
Let's see if it worked! I feel I'm on the brink of something cool!
United Cultures
21-02-2005, 15:03
It worked! I have discovered that if you do these simple steps, you can log in as any of your accounts on Jolt with the same computer!
1) Log into NationStates
2) Go onto the forums
3) Ctrl+n
4) Go back to NationStates
5) Log out of your first account
6) Log back in with a different one
7) Go to the forums

You now have 2 windows with 2 different accounts on the same forum! Now it's easier to have your puppets fight each other!

21-02-2005, 15:25
Don't post 'tests'.