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Issue Submission

New Darkmentia
21-02-2005, 05:47
I can no longer find the issue submission page or the guidelines on how to write an issue. They seem to have dissappeared from the site. Help please!
Itinerate Tree Dweller
21-02-2005, 06:43
Guidelines on writing issues (

To submit an issue:
1. Click the Issues link under your nation name.
2. Find the link in "Want to contribute an Issue to NationStates? Do it here!"
3. Click the link.


1. Click Here (

Have fun!
Liverpool England
21-02-2005, 11:57
Remember, minimum pop to submit issues = 500mi.
21-02-2005, 22:34
Keep in mind also, that once you submit an issue, you probably won't hear about it for at least 6 months. Or longer. Sirocco gets about a hundred of those things daily, and it takes a while to weed out the crap and see if what's left is even worthy.