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18-02-2005, 15:06
Me n my friend r constantly on each others n our own nation. However, d last few times we have found that we can not log out of them at all and its getting very frustrating. :headbang: I mean if i log out of his state and try to log in on mine the lil colume on the side which tells you what nation n region your in wil still say that I'm in his nation and region. If I click on it it will automatically jump to his telegrams or setting and I cannot get into mine. It's kiling me and i do not know what to do about it plz help!!!!!!!

Holly xx
Lord Vetinari
18-02-2005, 15:10
Clear your cookies

This happens to me sometimes to. Very annoying.
18-02-2005, 17:50
Try going into "Settings" and swithcing "Log in automatically" from yes to no. If you remember your passwords, or even better, write them down, not much will change other than that you won't log in automatically.
18-02-2005, 19:14
The computer messes up a lot when you get on different nations a lot. When you have two different nations open, it confuses the game. You can't send telegrams anymore, can't access your region...etc

Clear your history
18-02-2005, 20:56
Unrelated to your problem, but...

Make sure that only one of those nations (Your friend's and your own) is in the UN at any one time. If you both have a UN nation that logs into the same computer, they could be deleted.

Now back on topic...

Make sure you close all windows that related to your friend's nation before you try to log in. Having a window open for another nation could cause security problems, and you won't be able to post anything.