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Population Issues

17-02-2005, 07:10
How do you increase the size of your nation?
17-02-2005, 07:25
Short answer: You don't die. :p

There's no way to control your population besides keeping a nation alive. As long as it exists its population will grow. 1-2 million daily the first week or so, then 5-8 million daily after that. No issue you can choose or resolution you pass can change your population.
Grand Teton
17-02-2005, 20:41
If you put your nation in vacation mode it doesn't grow, however.
HC Eredivisie
17-02-2005, 20:44
incorrect, it does grow. see here (
18-02-2005, 19:19
There are always ways to get around low population growth. There is a population bug. If your lucky, you'll get it ;) :)
18-02-2005, 19:26
erm... As I understand, the population bug was resolved a looooong time ago...
18-02-2005, 19:38
and also there are to versions of the population bug one that makes your nations population 0 another aparently that makes your population grow extra fast. plus as Tiborita said the game coders managed to get rid of it ages ago
18-02-2005, 19:59
A friend's nation says he has it...Sorry if I'm wrong.