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Civil HQ message failing security checks

Random Kingdom
15-02-2005, 23:52
I attempted to post a message in my region's Civil HQ relating to the civil wars in RK, and each time I attempt to post it, I get a message in red stating that "this message failed a security check". Why is this? Is it because I used words that may be offensive? This is the message I tried to send: (not the original, I cut it down a bit to try to pass the check)


Random Kingdom has fallen into civil war as a fascist terrorist group took down the Collective of State Unions HQ, leaving the states with effectively no binding. Therefore, the state unions have finally unleashed their stifled wrath, causing rifts and vendettas to appear. States have formed alliances, factions have taken over states, and everyone is willing to die to unite the fallen RK under their government."

Is this violating security rules in any way?
16-02-2005, 00:18
It might be considering the excessive use of * as some sort of security risk. Not sure why it would do that, but I don't see anything else that would violate any security rules. It's not like there's anything obscene in there, but I didn't think they had profanity filters in there anyway.

Only thing I can suggest is to try it again tommorrow.

NOT A MOD - Do not take my advice over a mod or admin. It may not be correct, and could result in a worse situation.
Random Kingdom
16-02-2005, 00:21
OK. I'll try it without the asterisks then.
Random Kingdom
16-02-2005, 00:25
It works fine! Thanks Hersfold! (I wonder why asterisks are security risks?)

Mods, if you're out there, you can lock this now. Or someone could explain why a load of *s are security risks. Or...
Bling Bling world
16-02-2005, 00:29
*** are used to bleep out naughty words. It might have something to do with the server believeing that you were bleeping stuff out
16-02-2005, 01:56
I've had it happen due to logins. When I switch between nations but have windows open from a previous nation, it sometimes fails a security check. If you close all your browser windows and login with the nation you want to post with, then it always works.
16-02-2005, 02:59
:confused: That was a complete guess... but you're welcome. :)

Most likely, Eras is correct here. As I said earlier, I've never seen evidence of or heard of any word filters, other than the one that keeps out really long web addresses.
16-02-2005, 04:57
A security failure happens when you have a page from an earlier session being used by a later one.

In a nutshell, log out and back in and you should be fine. If that doesn't work: log out, clear your cache, and log back in.
Random Kingdom
16-02-2005, 20:35
And I thought that it was the asterisks... :D
16-02-2005, 22:02
Could it have been the long word thing? "*** STOP PRESS *** STOP PRESS *** STOP PRESS ***"
16-02-2005, 22:13
The correct answer was given in post 8.

As this thread serves no further purpose, iLock.