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2/3 Majority for Strong Resolutions

14-02-2005, 18:50
Just an idea for the UN:

Wouldn't it be better to let resolutions with strong effects have at least 2/3 of the votes for, whereas mild and significant effects could go on with 1/2 of the votes?
14-02-2005, 18:59
14-02-2005, 22:29
I actually really like that idea.
14-02-2005, 22:38
It won't happen. The Admins have turned down countless requests for vote changes.

Plus, I wouldn't really see the point. Not all resolutions use the Mild/Significant/Strong system anyway... and would a repeal of a strong resolution merit a 2/3 vote? How could that even be coded?

Don't really like the idea, and like I said, the mods are just going to say "Ain't gonna happen."