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The Mid-afternoon down

Daistallia 2104
14-02-2005, 16:58
This has been seen discussed here before, but never really answered yet:
Since about mid-January, there's been a freeze/crash around 12:30-13:30 my local (Japan) time. It didn't happen before that time. It has continued since.
In addition there is the problem of the 404, which I seem to be getting increasingly. Started off once a day, but I seem to be gettinga 404 from a forum link about two or three times an hour these days.

Every time these have been asked, AFAIK, the answer posted by the tech mods has been "we fixed it".
Are the problems fixed or not? If not, what's the problem and what's the expected time line to fix it?

If they are'nt fixed, do we need to take it up with JOLT?
15-02-2005, 00:07
We're aware of the 05:00 (GMT) slowdown.

As for the 404 issue,