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pre-emptive banning

Right thinking whites
13-02-2005, 00:35
i think it would be nice to pre-emptivly ban people, by say typeing them in to a box on the regional control page
like the bunny or others you dont want comming to your region
13-02-2005, 01:15
Well, that would make the game less fun. You can just ban everyone and be safe from invasion. That's not fair or cool. Besides, it also involves security to protect your region. Don't let your enemies receive the passowrd.
13-02-2005, 06:45
A Regional Firewall? :)
13-02-2005, 07:00
I just use a password for my Svalbard Islands :D
Crazy girl
13-02-2005, 18:43
best defense against invasions is a smart founder, otherwise, a password or active delegate who is up around update time

pre-emptve banning takes a lot of fun out of the game ;)
13-02-2005, 21:56
A Regional Firewall? :)
NationStates Norton!
Right thinking whites
13-02-2005, 23:14
well looking in moderation i can see even more how this would be nice
Syayrien Union
14-02-2005, 17:03
No, just No
14-02-2005, 17:09
My region's password is so secret, even i don't have it. And I'd set it!!
17-02-2005, 08:42
No, just No
Why? Why not a pre-emptive ban feature?
Tuesday Heights
17-02-2005, 16:54
well looking in moderation i can see even more how this would be nice

Instead of just saying it's nice, is their specifics reasons why you feel this would be an added feature? So far, all I see you saying is, "Let's do it."

Besides, you can pre-emptively ban all you want. Most invaders and defenders use different puppets every time they act, so, it would make little difference in protection to a region.
17-02-2005, 18:30
I for one would like to nail either the bunny or the turtle and ban them.

How about this? The first founder or delegate sharp enough to eject either one gets a prize.
Engineering chaos
17-02-2005, 20:14
I've just been ejected from my region because the Regional delegate realised I was about to take over power from him.
I had more endorsments than him when I was banned, how does that work? My region now does not have a regional delegate. assume it was me but in the transition I was chucked out so that leaves no one. I seek a way to reinstate myself any help out there?