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Frequency of New Issues

12-02-2005, 21:18

I have my options set to recieve 2 new issues per day. It seems like this isn't happening? like sometimes some of them get skipped? does the system just randomly issue new issues throughout the day? or are there set times when the pending issues are updated and new issues come through? If they are set times, what times are they? It seems that the other day it sent one issue out shortly after midnight then the next one a few hours later and then nothing all day untill around midnight again. If they are sent out at set times, what are the times?

12-02-2005, 21:33
Your two issues will come in two different times a day. They are random between regions within a specific period of time. You will get one on the major game update around 9AM - 11AM GMT. The second issue will come on the minor game update between around 9PM - 1AM GMT.

Make sure you have 'Two per day' selected in your settings, and have hit the 'Update Settings' button. If you have 'Two per weekday' selected, you will not recieve issues on the weekend, which may explain why sometimes you do not recieve issues.

If that isn't the problem, move out of your region, then move back in. You will not loose an endorsements if you are in the UN.
12-02-2005, 21:35
If you get two issues per day, you get one with the Major update and one with the Minor update. The actual frequency varies depending on server load and other factors, but they will be hours apart.

If you get two issues per WEEKday, then you won't get any on weekends. No inconsistency there.

[edit: Tiborita had it right, and faster.]