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Creating a Region

Squidge black
11-02-2005, 09:41
I'm new to this & still learning & was wondering if any one could tell me how to create a region?

11-02-2005, 16:46
go to your region page and above the list of nations their is a link where you can move out but instead of going to another region click on the link the says create a new region. then fill out like a little "form" and that's about it. The hard part is getting people to come there.
11-02-2005, 16:58
It's especially a problem if you're new :S
11-02-2005, 18:23
I don't quite agree what Ankhmet is saying. Just recruit(make sure you ONLY recruit in "the pacific", "the east pacific", "the north pacific", "the south pacific", "the west pacific" and "the rejected realms"), and keep a positive attitude!! :)
Be friendly...I founded my region last month and I'm at 120 nations!!
11-02-2005, 21:53
Also, make sure you only send one telegram to each nation and only one message on each message board per day.
11-02-2005, 21:55
You know, its odd...Your nation name is my name...
11-02-2005, 22:06
You know, its odd...Your nation name is my name...
My nation name?
11-02-2005, 22:12
Bling Bling world
12-02-2005, 20:01
Yea recruiting can be tough.. but keep at it. dont quit. and expect some responses you werent wanting