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Some fishy IP address thing going on

07-02-2005, 20:20
I came and sat down at my computer this evening just after 7pm London time, tried to log in, and got this message:

'Your IP address has registered several failed attempts to login within a short period. In the interests of system security, you have been blocked from attempting to login again for approximately 45 minutes.'

I hadn't been on the computer since the morning, or maybe last night (wow my memory is bad), and haven't had any failed logins, so this was nothing to do with me. My password comes up automatically so there's no question of me typing it in wrongly. I tried a few times more between then and 7.15, but no joy. I'm assuming that an IP address is unique to a computer? All my housemates are lovely, never come into my room and don't know what this game is, so it won't have been them. Is this a bug, or is someone somewhere pretending to be me?
07-02-2005, 21:07
either your memory is really bad (no offence) or someones tried logging in using your ip as a spoof.

no no ip addresses arent unique the only thing really unique is the MAC address of your network card which is hard coded into the network card and cannot be the same in any card
07-02-2005, 21:15

That's your problem. You use a caching proxy which means your IP address is probably shared amongst many users. This means that their bad logins will affect you. Sorry, but there's nothing we can do.
07-02-2005, 21:25
(Myrth saves the day again)

seriously you might want to consult your system administrator or network administrator about changing that just come up with some good reason and hope they do
08-02-2005, 09:31
Oh well.

Thanks for the help guys.