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strange CHQ

HC Eredivisie
07-02-2005, 18:27
I just noticed that the CHQ of 'The Pacific" only displayed three messages, including one of the Nationstates Moderators. Was that a bug or was the entire board cleared?
On a side-note: yesterday I looked at another pacific and three newly founded nations (just 3 minutes before) had no clickable link, but after reloading the page it was there (but this could be my PC not laoding the page properly).
07-02-2005, 18:32
Yes, that was me. Someone was in there flaming the place up so I wiped the board.
The dead links thing is due to a delay between the nation message appearing on the regional happenings and the nation becoming active.
HC Eredivisie
07-02-2005, 18:35

first action as a GM, completely whiping out a CHQ? :p
07-02-2005, 20:05
lol that will go down in Myrth history

first day as a game moderator wiped the pacifics CHQ clean
i can see you'll be good at anti spam and flaming (no offence)