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Industrial Goths
06-02-2005, 17:08
I think we should be able to choose what religion our nation is... and have it publibly announced on our nation's page...
Blood Stone
06-02-2005, 17:28
Well I guess when making your nation there could be a text box that said, "Religion." Then that could be included in your description. Not a selection list though, because that wouldn't be fare. I mean your religion might not be on it, or you want to make up one. All & all I think that's a neat idea.
Industrial Goths
06-02-2005, 17:33
Yeah that'd be better... cause my luck.. my religion would be the one not included....
06-02-2005, 18:54
If it's that big of a deal to you, put it in your motto.
Industrial Goths
06-02-2005, 23:29
There should be a thing for "Religious Affiliations" in settings and you get to type all the religions that are legal to practice in your nation... and this will appear on your nations page... But for now i'll do the motto thing :(
07-02-2005, 00:00
They have NS Wiki for this kind of stuff, too.
Laser muffins
07-02-2005, 00:11
how does ns wiki work cause i was there an i didnt get it im kinda slow thow
07-02-2005, 00:41
It's a website where you can post information about NS things. The great thing about it is that anybody can edit any page. It's kinda like ( There are instructions at NS Wiki that can tell you more.