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Founder of a region transfer?

06-02-2005, 16:01
Don't shoot me down right away, please - I tried checking and searching and reading everything before posting this, but couldn't find the reply...

My friend who got me into NS, has lost his interest, and I'm the sole survivor in the region he founded... so he's the founder, but no longer there. Is there any way for me to get the region to myself with his approval? I wouldn't want to leave it for any other, because I rather like it there.
06-02-2005, 16:15
If you leave the region for an update, it will be deleted since there are no nations in it. Then, after update, you can create it again and refound it yourself.
Blood Stone
06-02-2005, 16:44
Or you could become the UN delegate, and password-protect the region to keep it safe for you. Of course you'd have to be UN first.
06-02-2005, 17:01
But to become the UN delegate, you need one endorsement, and you can't endorse yourself.
Right thinking whites
06-02-2005, 17:24
have him leave the un and give you the founding nation
06-02-2005, 17:37
He's the only one in his region. All he has to do is leave for 1 update. Simple, uncomplicated, and it would get him exactly what he wants, founder control.