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One of your pages keep crashing my browser

31-01-2005, 21:11
After selecting the "Like what you see? Move ____ to (region) now!" link, the page loads and then it immediately crashes my browser. And for passworded regions it crashes as soon as I click the link and doesnt load a page at all.

Its only this one page and I dont know whats causing it. (I'm using IE6 btw)
Right thinking whites
31-01-2005, 21:22
get firefox (
31-01-2005, 21:38
How 'bout no?
31-01-2005, 22:10
There are no known errors on that page and so far nobody else has had troubles, meaning it is likely to be something wrong with your computer.
It is possible you've got some spyware or other malware on it which is affecting your browser.
You can try downloading an application to remove this spyware, such as Ad-Aware ( or you can do the more sensible thing and download a browser which is a hell of a lot better than IE in terms of security and usefulness: (
31-01-2005, 22:44
I've ran several spyware tests and even a full system scan using Norton and nothing was detected.

And I did have Firefox, I just didnt like it.

But the page works on my other browsers. (Opera and Netscape)
31-01-2005, 22:49
works fine with me and i use IE
01-02-2005, 01:00
Same here.. both Firefox and IE work fine at home and at work. Check your box, it probably has cooties.
Neo England
01-02-2005, 04:01
Try (hard)refreshing, fail that delete the cookies.

It may work if the site data is reset.