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Unable to log-in

Paranoid Gummibears
31-01-2005, 01:14
I created a nation yesterday but I'm unable to log-in again.

I'm convinced that my password is correct but, nevertheless, I requested a new one and it tells me that my email address isn't recognised. Don't seem to be having any problems logging into the forum though, just the nation states site.
31-01-2005, 02:09
Are you sure that you entered your e-mail address correctly?
Paranoid Gummibears
31-01-2005, 04:22
Absolutely positive. Also positive that my password was entered correctly too.

And, as I've mentioned elsewhere, even trying to reauthenticate my forum email also gives me an error message.
Paranoid Gummibears
01-02-2005, 01:07
Oh well, no answer from the admin email address and, seemingly, no answers among the readers of this forum.

Looks like my log-on details got squished in some kind of server revolt so the Armed Republic of Paranoid Gummibears will just have to sink beneath the sea.
01-02-2005, 02:18
Have you submitted a request to the "Getting Help Page"?
Paranoid Gummibears
01-02-2005, 03:11
I can't say that I did due to all the dire warnings elsewhere about making sure any support requests are directed to the correct place. So I checked the Technical page in the FAQs and thence the Known Issues page on which the admin email address was displayed.

I've scrolled further down the Technical page and there's reference made to my nation disappearing. It's not done that though as I can see it - just can't log-in to it to address issues, etc. so I didn't think the " submit a request for the moderators to restore your nation" was appropriate. And there doesn't appear to be any way I can read a reply to my lodged request, particularly if there's no longer any record anywhere of my email address, or if I can no longer log-in.

Nevertheless, a request has been duly submitted.
Paranoid Gummibears
02-02-2005, 05:33
Ah well, it seems that Gummibears aren't destined to play this game.

Still no replies, not even to the request made on the "Getting Help" page.
Neo England
02-02-2005, 13:06
Ah well, it seems that Gummibears aren't destined to play this game.

Still no replies, not even to the request made on the "Getting Help" page.

There's a backlog of work to do, just hold on. :)
03-02-2005, 13:41
I can't find any e-mail message from you (although I have a lot to look through, and you might not have mentioned your nation's name). E-mail me again with something suitably arresting in the subject title and I'll take a look. That nation definitely has an e-mail address registered to it, and you should be able to get a new password issued.
Paranoid Gummibears
03-02-2005, 15:14
I've resubmitted a request for support to the admin[at] address titled Paranoid Gummibears unable to log in. I hope that's suitable arresting :D

Tried again today to log on and was refused and it's still refusing to acknowledge my email address despite having received verification emails to the same inbox.
Bling Bling world
04-02-2005, 05:53
Thats odd. Make sure that your nation still exsists. Do a search for it in the World menu. Good luck...
Bling Bling world
04-02-2005, 06:07
Did you get it to work? It says latest activity was 2 hours ago?