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Problem Registering

30-01-2005, 13:32
I replied to the email asking me to verify my email but keep getting the following message: -

Your email verification failed. Please check to ensure that you have copied the entire URL to the locaton bar in your browser.
If you continue to have problems. Please submit a getting help request."

I have checked the URL and it seems to be OK. Please help.

Best Regards
30-01-2005, 17:10
Which account is this for?
Paranoid Gummibears
30-01-2005, 19:54
Same sort of problem here. Can't seem to be able to log-in to my nation at all as the password keeps getting rejected. When I request a change of password, my email address is rejected. When I try to reverify my email address I get that "Uh-oh failed" error page.