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UN Proposal Search feature

Freedom For Most
29-01-2005, 21:42
I am telegramming nations advertising a UN Proposal, Repeal "The Rights of Labor Unions". When I copy and paste the title of the proposal into the search facility and press return the search tells me there are no results (despite me having c'd & p'd exactly).

I'm finding that this happens for all repeal proposals but for non-repeal proposals the search facility works fine.

I just wanted to make mods aware of this as its obviously a problem for Delegates trying to find a particular proposal.

I've got very little knowledge of coding etc but perhaps it is something to do with the " " - speech marks in UN proposal titles. Without the speech marks, the search does not find results because the title has not been entered exactly.

Anyone have any ideas?
29-01-2005, 23:39
Try running a search for just The Rights of Labor Unions. It should pull up your repeal, unless there is another one older than it. The search will give you the oldest relevant result.
Freedom For Most
30-01-2005, 16:36
So it does. Cheers, Hersfold. Much appreciated.
30-01-2005, 19:12
Quite welcome. Anything else?