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Game bug

28-01-2005, 20:36
I got the issue where you decide what supreme court judge you want to nominate.

I chose the civil rights guy, as evidenced by the "and the Supreme Court protects civil rights and the right to privacy vehemently" in my nations description.

My civil rights went down from Excellent -----> Very Good.

28-01-2005, 20:44
Dude, you need to speak English.
Tuesday Heights
28-01-2005, 20:56
Did you answer any other issues that day? Just because you chose an issue that would increase your Civil Rights in theory doesn't mean it will for a number of different factors relating to the UN resolutions passed and other issue choices for the day.
28-01-2005, 21:01
That was the only issue I answered yesterday, (edit: and today's issue has not taken effect yet), and the previous UN resolution (the tsunami issue) was passed before I recieved this issue, not to mention that resolution did not affect human rights.
Grand Teton
28-01-2005, 22:29
Maybe cos you stopped the people from choosing the Judge?
28-01-2005, 23:09
Maybe cos you stopped the people from choosing the Judge?No. That'd only affect political freedoms.
29-01-2005, 01:12
Today's issue took effect, bringing my civil rights back up to excellent (I legalized euthanasia). If the supreme court issue had been correctly counted, my civil rights would be at superb.

I'll stop answering issues (to avoid confusion) until I can get a moderator response.
29-01-2005, 04:36
Dude, you need to speak English.Spam?

:headbang: Dude, you need to tune in and tune out.Spam?

Or am I missing something here?
29-01-2005, 09:17
I'll double check this issue.
29-01-2005, 18:34
Thanks. :)