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Uploading flag probs

28-01-2005, 10:05
Dunno if this is a known issue or not (seems not) but I've been having trouble uploading my own personal flag, which is less than the suggested pixels size, as well as lower than 10kb. Please help!
The Mindset
28-01-2005, 10:31
Could you give more details of the problem? Perhaps you could post a copy of the flag here, and I'll take a look at the filesize. Sometimes Windows has a habit of reporting it slightly wrong, or it's very slightly over the filesize limit.
28-01-2005, 13:47
Perhaps it is loading, but your cache is showing the old flag. Flush the cache and reload your nation page.
28-01-2005, 14:49
Clear your cache, then try to upload it. If it is still there, press F5.

If the file is too big, change it from a JPG or JPEG to a GIF.
28-01-2005, 23:25
Thanx very much!
I changed it to a GIF format, and that worked.
I would have done this ages ago, had it not specified "JPG" format on the "cutom flag" page. Maybe that info should be updated?

Anyways... it worked- hurrah!