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Ban the Hammer and Sickle

Lame Bums
24-01-2005, 22:49
Since the swastika has not been allowed, I see no reason why Communist symbols should not be banned also.

Fact: Although the Nazi regime did many evil things including the murder of six million in the camps, Germany was the first country out of the Great Depression.

The Marxist dictatorship under Stalin killed well over 30 million in just under twice that time, partly through the failures of collectivism and massive famine, and partly through Stalin's psychotic ideologies. Stalin is the single personification of evil. The Communist regime in China has killed an estimated 60 million people primarily through famine and of course, T-59 tanks running through Tianamen Square.

Communist Russia's economy was always in the toilet. They had lots of nukes but not much else.

If the swastika - and any similar symbols - are not allowed, the also ban the communist symbols. Marxism - not fascism - is the epitome of evil. Humanity's darkest hours were during the height of the communist regimes. It has opressed and killed many times more than Nazism ever did. They were just as - if not more - racist then the Nazis. Stalin had even planned a mass execution of Jews which was thankfully cut short by his death in 1953.

Banning the swastika but not the hammer and sickle is simply a bow to Political Correctness - one of the worst ideas in human history. We should remember it - the evils done by it so that it won't happen again.

Go ahead say how Hitler was evil. I do not dispute that, I'm pointing out that the Communists have done no good for humanity and they have done many times worse.
Ultimate Turbo
24-01-2005, 22:52
I foresee many hippies posting in this thread about how Bush has killed many also and is just as evil as Stalin or Hitler. Ban it
24-01-2005, 22:53
Should the stars and stripes be banned because we tortured Iraqi Prisoners?

(thats a rhetorical question, by the way)


Wow. You can see the future.
24-01-2005, 22:57

This will not be discussed again.
24-01-2005, 22:57
This has been asked and answered many times now.