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I can't search for my recent posts

Evil Woody Thoughts
24-01-2005, 11:33
I've been having this problem for the last few days. If I create or post on a thread, and then come back and do a search by author "evil woody thoughts," the threads older than about three days show up while the new ones do not.

I do not get an error message or's as if I had never made those posts in the first place. My older threads show up just fine.

I tried going back through ten pages of II and 'tagging' the new threads but that doesn't work either. I am only now getting used to "Subscribe to a Thread" feature, which seems to be the only thing that still works, but what happened? Does this have anything to do with the changes advertised in the stickies?
25-01-2005, 02:11
[Hmm. I typed your name into the author field, and came up with the same result you did-- but, when I searched for your most recent posts by clicking on your username and then on "Find More Posts by Evil Woody Thoughts," all your recent posts came up. Try doing that instead. --Felix]
Evil Woody Thoughts
25-01-2005, 02:54
Thanks, your suggestion worked. :) However, it would still be nice if someone with m0dly p0werz could figure out what's wrong and fix it, as now I have to actually learn something new to adapt to the situation. Yes, I am that lazy :rolleyes: :D
Evil Woody Thoughts
26-01-2005, 10:50
While I wish to thank Konania for suggesting a way around the problem, the problem itself still needs to be addressed, especially if it's a Jolt bug since they messed everything up...
27-01-2005, 01:45
[That's the thing-- I'm not sure if its an actual bug. In some forums that I've used, the search function looks through a cache rather than actually searching all the threads, so the cache needs updated every few days or so. Maybe Jolt simply switched to this system to speed up searching. If it is a bug, someone on the other jolt forums has probably noticed the probelm as well, so I guess they're working on it. --Felix]