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New forums?

Green Sun
22-01-2005, 05:27
I think NationStates needs new forums.

Jolt has been loyal, happy, and good to us, but this is ridiculous. I think that since we have over 1 million members, that means we have over 1 million members/potenial members in Jolt forums. Then we can add all of Jolt's regular forums, and that's a lot. It's making the forums really slow. Sharina can hardly get on. It takes me five minutes just to load one page, I'll have an error and have to re-type it all. I say it's time for NationStates to move on. We might try for a free forum hosting such as InVisionfree or something really cheap like the host the BnG forums use. They have thousands on that one forum alone. I don't see why it can't sustain NationStates. We'd have more space and possibly more to spare. The slowdowns are ridiculous. Jolt's been good, but for the two months I've been on NS, it's slowed every day. I know it would be a bit of a hassle moving EVRYBODY to new forums, getting them situated, and setting it all up, but we could have the Jolt forums still active while it's set up for us. They would have faster speeds, we'd have our own forum and faster speeds. It would cost a bit, but the advantages outweigh the costs. We could try and get as many people as we can to donate to help out. Hell, I'm going to get my sister to buy the Quaran or Jennifer Goverment. And I don't think Allah would mind a few more months to start getting prayers from me.
22-01-2005, 05:35
Firstly, there's not a million users. There are a million nations, but most of those are inactive.

Secondly, those "Free Forum Services" don't have the sort of custom capabilities that Sal might code in and certainly doesn't have nearly good enough security for our purposes.

And lastly, if you think this is bad, you'll die if you ever get teleported back to 2003 on the original servers. :D
Green Sun
22-01-2005, 05:42
Well, I'm just saying, they could be a lot faster for cheap.
22-01-2005, 05:43
Right ... I don't think you know the history ...

First off, Nation States does not have 1 million members. There has been a total of 1 million + nation accounts created since N.S. was " born " ... and say 200 000 active at the moment ( rough number ) and a fair % of those will be puppets ... so I think your numbers are a little off. By about 850 000, minimum.

Second, this is not the first server but the second, the old one became clunky and terrible, and Max and others on the staff ( Like Salusa for one I think ) and [violet] put things in motion to move the bloody thing from Australia to Jolt in the UK. If you think what ever - minor - errors you've faced recently are bad, you've got no idea how bad it was before. Try having every single post you make time out. And not be able to post for 20 minutes at a time because of which. Not so bad for R.P. because its not so rapid, but terrible if like me your a Big ( or was ) U.N. debater.

Third if you look to the top of the forum page you'll see Keith the Operations Manager of Jolt point out he's been doing Upgrades recently.

Four, the forums are working faster then ever now. I think your complaint is a little out of date, ;)

Oh, and fith, I'm not going into all the N.S. history but the reason we're here is because Jolt is paying the bills. Want to know how much Max would be forking out a month if we were back on the old system but having to handle the band-width y'all go through ? Quiet a lot more then book sales alone can handle. Even more then if we put Max out on a street corner on the side ... And sold [violet]'s identity to the highest bidder ...

( But buy the book all the same, so Max an Co. know the Marketing Scheme is working, ;) )
Texan Hotrodders
22-01-2005, 05:49
Please don't complain about the Jolt forums like that. They might take us back to the old boards, and I couldn't handle that. :( Not again. *cry*
Green Sun
22-01-2005, 06:12
I'm not complaining about them, I think they're awesome, but I'm just saying that it's time to move on.

And regardless of how many active-># of nations, there's still 1 million POSSIBLE accounts. I have 2 accounts and I use them both every day on the forums. So if those inactive accounts kick back up, that adds more members. If people post as their puppet states, that'll make more. But yes, I do see your point of view and I respect it, but I still think it's nearing the time where we should start thinking about moving, even if it doesn't come around for a year or two. If and when we move, we'd need more moderators to keep everything organized. You see where I'm coming from?

And HELL NO let's NOT go back to teh old boards. We just need new ones in a year or two.
22-01-2005, 06:23
Look, I'm willing to put up with the occasional connection time outs and random links disconnecting on this site. It's a paradise compared to the old place. Unless the problems show signs of getting worse, let's not start trying to move to a new home.
The Most Glorious Hack
22-01-2005, 07:53
Jolt Forum Statistics:
Threads: 279,726
Posts: 6,164,568
Members: 451,542

NationStates Specific Statistics:
Threads: 100,085
Posts: 2,389,540
Members: 120,103

So, yes, NS takes up a good chunk of Jolt, more than any one other forum.

However to think that Invision or Proboards could handle a forum the size of NationStates is just insane. Especially when you consider that Jolt is also hosting the game itself. Please keep in mind that most free hosters are faster because they only have 20-50 members on a given board.
22-01-2005, 08:20
Invisionfree? please. Really, that is only for use on very small forums. If you want something big, then you must use Invision Power board, which is a very good forum technology written in PHP. Now, then there's the fact that you go with $60 every 6 months or $200-something forever. And then i don't know if they could handle the load, but if the base site can hold the strain, the forums should, but then like i said, Jolt is free, IPB is not