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A small, insignificant request..

20-01-2005, 22:13
I hate to bother over this but would it be burden to have a logout selection somewhere in the NS forum page? I use Firefox so if I am not able to logout at the end of a session. I can back my way into the Profile page in the Jolt forums and logout, but as soon as I try to go to a login page, my nation is logged in again. Even though it says the cookies are cleared when I choose to logout. There really isn't a convenient way to logout or login that I have noticed really other than go through the Jolt forums page. Thanks!
20-01-2005, 22:20
Go to: Tools>Options>Privacy>Cookies>View Cookies

Click on one of them, and begin typing in (at a fairly quick pace) "forums2", or type "f" and look for the forums2 cookies. You should find some cookies whose site is . Delete all these cookies, and you will find yourself logged out.

Alternatively, if you don't have any important cookies (check the list), then you may just want to clear all of them.