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stealing bandwidth?

Findecano Calaelen
20-01-2005, 16:05
Just a question, is posting pictures which are hosted on other websites stealing bandwidth? or a breach of some sort of copyright?

just asking if its okay, I dont want to get NS or jolt or myself in any trouble

Draconis Nightcrawlis
20-01-2005, 19:58
Yeaa thats stealing bandwidth. If you want to post picture you should upload them to your own webspace, most ISP's give their customers such webspace these days.
Findecano Calaelen
21-01-2005, 14:48
thought so,

cheers for the clarification
The Imperial Navy
21-01-2005, 16:15
Best place to use is

You can upload images without even having to register. Very handy.