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Thats odd...

The Imperial Navy
20-01-2005, 14:41
There is at the moment an error on NS that prevents us from acessing the forums... but it seems if I go straight to the website, I can log in via my username directly... Funny eh? Whats the technical issue with that?
Graphite Deodorant
20-01-2005, 15:27
LoL, all the posts getting mixed up. Funny to watch, but damned annoying ;)
EDIT: Lol, you posted way before me, except mine appears before yours.
The Imperial Navy
20-01-2005, 15:27
What the heck is going on??!?

Everytime I post, it comes out about 5 minutes ahead of time, and then I have to wait until that time to post! What the heck is going on!?!?!
20-01-2005, 15:28

Basically a couple of bugs with the forum upgrade, Soon the interface will redirect you to which is where it should do rather than which no longer exists.

The time issue has now been fixed, some of teh servers were running a little fast, they've been syncronized and set to update of the jolt timeserver - this means it wont happen again.
The Imperial Navy
20-01-2005, 15:31
Thank you very much my good friend.